Why are the small details so important?

The finishing touches to your pool shell and surrounds are the difference between an average pool and an outstanding pool. Aquaform Pools want to leave you with a pool that will wow you and your friends every time you glance at it; and that’s what pools should do, add happiness to your life and make a real difference to your lifestyle.

The pebblecrete/exposed aggregate, or tiles that line your pool, along with the tiles that surround it, will influence the colour and look you are hoping to achieve. Read through the information below to find out more about these elements. We will guide you through this entire process to make these decisions much easier at the time.

Pool water colour Aquaform Pools
Sample by 3DSTONE for reference
Creating the Maldives, Mediterranean, or even Byron Bay or Noosa in your back yard

Pebblecrete & Exposed Aggregate

With the use of pebblecrete or exposed aggregate (a combination of glass and pebble, or 100% glass), we can create most colours of water; helping to transport you to your favourite holiday destination. During the pool design process we provide you with all the information you need to choose which pebblecrete or exposed aggregate is going to help achieve your desired colour of water.

waterline tiles Aquaform pools
Waterline tiles
Create a subtle shimmery finish or a bold statement

Waterline Tiles

Your waterline tiles are usually a 30cm band of tiles that line the top edge of your pool. They serve to prevent greasy stain lines on the sides or walls of your pool. Some people like to create a bold statement with a contrasting coloured tile, whereas others like to opt for a subtle or pearlescent colour that almost matches and blends with the colour of the water - creating a beautiful and stylish shimmer.

Pool tiles Aquaform Pools Coping Tiles
The finishing touch to your pool

Coping Tiles

Coping tiles are the tiles that sit on the edge of your pool and allow splashes of water to flow away from the pool. They also play a huge part in the finished look and feel. Often people choose to continue these tiles out further to landscape around the pool and provide a useful and stylish tiled area for sunbathing or relaxing.

Aquaform Pools

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